Tuesday, 17 May 2011

You could be free & easy with the new FreeWheel!

They say there’s nothing new under the sun. But would you settle for something that was a little bit new? A little bit better? I would if that if that little bit new and better was the Free Wheel. It’s a third wheel for that old wheelchair of yours.

A third wheel that even a novice para can get a little more whiz from, and the sort of freedom to push and enjoy that an old para could only dream of. Until today that is , because the Free Wheel, according to Doug Robinson MD of Gerald Simonds ,‘is one of the best advances in wheelchair independence in years.’

What’s truly remarkable in the over-priced wheelchair world of, ‘How could anything dare to cost so much!’ is how at £395 it could cost so little. (Less if you take up Gerald Simonds offer of £375 with free delivery too on GS-Direct http://www.gs-direct.co.uk/)

The FreeWheel is an American invention. It’s a simple wheel that clips on to the front of a rigid frame chair’s foot plates. (Sorry only rigid frame chairs – at the moment.) The wheel is about a foot in diameter and raises your plates of the ground leaving you with a stable go-anywhere (well nearly) chair. You can cut across grass, go through snow, cross over sand and take on terrain that previously would have left you stranded and generally become free as a Californian beach bum.

The FreeWheel is to our world of wheelchairs what the 4-wheel drive is in the land of cars. Nowhere is off bounds. It just opens up the options. Attach it and your chair truly becomes a land rover, just like its capitalised car counterpart. And all with a wheel less.

Technically it’s Germanic in its precision and Honda-like in its absolute fitness to do the job it was designed for. It’s simple to clip on. And once on stays that way, come rough ground or even rougher handling. Then when it’s time to revert back to the orthodox you, it practically zips off, it’s so easy and immediate.

To see the FreeWheel in action and showing all its amazing virtues simply check into the http://www.gerald-simonds.co.uk/ website. There you’ll find a 2 minute video that will put you fully in the picture.

This blog was written completely independently by one of our valued customers Barry Brooks. If you are interested in writing a review of one of our products then please e-mail emily.tomson@gerald-simonds.co.uk

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