Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Brave New World

Well I've been back at Gerald Simonds HQ for just a little over one month now having been on maternity leave with my second child for just under a year and I can honestly say it has been a very exciting return! No sooner had I had got my first cup of tea in hand and reminded myself how to use a computer, than I was being asked to get started on Twitter! Tentatively braving the social medium, I have found it to be a really exciting way of keeping on the pulse of what is going on in the disabled community and others within our industry and although I'm still a newby at it, I hope that our followers will find us an interesting and engaging company to communicate with. Having assigned Twitter to my "to do" list, I was swiflty asked to draw up a Marketing Campaign for the launch of our exciting new FreeWheel all terrain wheelchair add on. Straight back in to what I enjoy doing best and with our team at the ready it was great fun getting FreeWheel off the ground. If you're an active rigid framed wheelchair user and you haven't already checked it out then do so on our website www.gerald-simonds.co.uk

It was the launch of FreeWheel that prompted us to get more videos uploaded to our website homepage and now we're blogging! It's a brave new and exciting world and I'm loving being a part of it.

We have more new products on the horizon and the Kidz Up North Exhibition is coming up next month so we hope to have lots more to share in the coming weeks and will do our best to keep you up to date. Bye for now.